David Wei Zhao

Co-Managing Editor of SINOTALKS®

David Wei Zhao, a Co-Managing Editor of SINOTALKS®, has drawn on his extensive experiences as a Chinese legal professional and an associate managing editor of the China Guiding Cases Project (“CGCP”) at Stanford Law School to help SINOTALKS® grow rapidly since its founding in 2021.

Mr. Zhao has played different roles in China to apply his legal knowledge.  As a civil and commercial lawyer in Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan Province in southwestern China, Mr. Zhao specializes in providing legal services to various clients, including well-known asset management corporations, major Chinese state-owned enterprises, and banks in China.  He also previously served as a clerk to a deputy chief judge of the First Civil Tribunal within the Wuhua District People’s Court in Kunming City and taught civil law and procedure at a judicial police vocational college in Yunnan Province.

During his time serving as an associate managing editor of the CGCP, Mr. Zhao helped ensure the high quality of the project’s publications and activities and co-authored a number of representative English and Chinese publications, including: (1) Reasons That Guiding Case No. 9 “Will No Longer Be for Reference and Imitation”: An In-Depth Discussion of Relevant Cases and Authoritative Provisions; (2) An In-Depth Analysis of a Guiding Case That Has Been Used in Hundreds of Subsequent Cases: Is Guiding Case No. 15’s Ground-Breaking Determination of Commingled Personalities of Affiliated Companies a Success?; and (3) Pursuing Legal Certainty under an Uncertain System: How Chinese Lawyers and Judges Use Intellectual Property Guiding Cases.  His latest publications include a SINOTALKS®’s publication titled Intellectual Property-Related Guiding Cases: Trends of Their Use in Subsequent Cases & Implications for China’s Judicial Protection of Intellectual Property Rights.

Mr. Zhao graduated from Yunnan University and holds a Master of Economic Law degree.  He is interested in the study of law and society, as well as the development of Guiding Cases in China and their impact abroad.



赵炜是丝络谈™(SINOTALKS®)联席执行编辑。凭借其作为中国法律专业人士及担任斯坦福法学院中国指导性案例项目(China Guiding Cases Project;“CGCP”)副执行编辑的丰富经验,赵编辑帮助丝络谈™自2021年成立以来迅速成长。