Lin Liu

Lin Liu works for an innovation center in China that focuses on incubating and investing in early-stage companies.  After many years of work experience, especially during the process of handling companies’ contractual disputes and disputes involving employees, she has gained a deep understanding of the importance of Chinese legislation and Guiding Cases.  In addition, she has a strong interest in helping solve practical social problems by using business models.

Prior to her work in innovation and after obtaining a professional degree in accounting, Ms. Lin worked in the real estate consulting industry and aviation industry and conducted research work on various projects such as green finance and information transparency for listed companies.  She also served as an Assistant Managing Editor of the China Guiding Cases Project at Stanford Law School.


刘琳在中国一家创新中心工作,该中心专注于培养及投资早期企业。经过多年工作的经验,特别是在处理企业合同纠纷及员工纠纷的过程中,她深切体会到中国立法及指导性案例的重要性。此外,她对运用商业模式来帮助解决实际社会问题有极大的兴趣 。