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Dr. Mei Gechlik

Founder, CEO, & Editor-in-Chief, SINOTALKS®

Identified by The Women Leaders Magazine as one of the “20 Most Inspiring Women Leaders 2022” and included in Marquis Who’s Who® to recognize her dedication to the field of law and policy, Dr. Mei Gechlik founded SINOTALKS® after an extensive career in academia and leading policy think tanks.  SINOTALKS® addresses the growing need for a trusted resource highlighting Chinese law and policy to help decision-makers around the world find strategic solutions to problems affecting China and beyond.  Dr. Gechlik’s well-received LinkedIn newsletter, SINOTALKS® In Brief, has nearly 5,000 subscribers, many of whom are leaders in their industries.

Her most popular articles include:

Prior to the establishment of SINOTALKS®, Dr. Gechlik led Stanford Law School’s China Guiding Cases Project (“CGCP”), a groundbreaking project that she founded in 2011.  As the Director of the CGCP from 2011 to 2021, Dr. Gechlik managed a team of nearly 200 members to bring the project’s analyses—contributed by U.S. and Chinese judges, officials, other experts, and the CGCP team—to nearly 250,000 readers from over 100 countries and to present at various forums, including the World Bank, the Open Government Partnership Global Summit, U.S.−China Legal Exchange Conferences, the Supreme People’s Court of China, and the Belt & Road Initiative conference organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China.

At Stanford University, Dr. Gechlik also taught Chinese law and business at the law school from 2007 to 2021 and served as a visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution from 2010 to 2012.  Prior to this experience, she worked from 2001 to 2005 for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, a Washington D.C.-based think tank, to analyze China-related topics, including trade, intellectual property, and the impact of China’s accession to the World Trade Organization on the country’s reforms.  She has testified before the U.S. Congress on various topics regarding mainland China and Hong Kong and has advised the United Nations and the Chinese government on implementing rule of law programs.  During the important years immediately before and after Hong Kong’s handover to China, Dr. Gechlik was a tenured professor in the city, teaching constitutional law, administrative law, and business law.

Dr. Gechlik has also served as a visiting professor/guest lecturer, teaching Chinese law and/or business at Peking University (at the Shenzhen campus), Renmin University (in Beijing), the University of Vienna, and Harvard Law School.  Throughout her career, she has served as an advisor and mentor to students and young professionals interested in the field of Chinese legal studies and practice.

Dr. Gechlik is admitted as a barrister in England, Wales, and Hong Kong and is a member of the Bar in New York and the District of Columbia.  She received an M.B.A. in Finance from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and a Doctor of the Science of Law (J.S.D.) from Stanford Law School.  At Wharton, Dr. Gechlik was awarded the two-year Joseph Wharton/Sheldon K. Tsu Scholarship.  At Stanford, she was named an Asia-Pacific Scholar and awarded a two-year full scholarship.



熊美英博士被《女性领袖》杂志评为“2022 年最鼓舞人心的 20 位女性领袖”之一,以及被选入《Marquis名人录®以表彰她致力为法律和政策领域做出贡献。熊美英博士在学术界和领先的政策智囊机构中发展其精彩的事业后创立了丝络谈™(SINOTALKS® )。鉴于各方对中国法律和政策的可信资源的需求日益增长,丝络谈™的成立回应了此需求,以帮助世界各地的决策者制定影响中国及其他地区的问题的战略解决方案。此外,熊博士广受欢迎的《丝络谈™简讯》 (SINOTALKS® In Brief) 拥有接近5000名订阅者,其中许多是各行业的翘楚。


在成立丝络谈™之前,熊博士领导其于 2011 年创立的具有开创性的斯坦福法学院中国指导性案例项目(China Guiding Cases Project; “CGCP”)。从2011年至2021年,作为CGCP的总监,熊博士管理着一支由近200名成员组成的团队,将美国和中国法官、官员、其他专家以及CGCP团队的分析带给来自100多个国家的近25万名读者。此外,她出席各种论坛作出演讲,包括世界银行、开放政府伙伴关系全球峰会、中美法律交流会议、中国最高人民法院,以及中国外交部组织的“一带一路”倡议会议。



熊博士在英格兰、威尔士和香港均有出庭律师执业资格,同时也是纽约和哥伦比亚特区的律师。她获得宾夕法尼亚大学沃顿商学院金融学工商管理硕士学位(MBA)和斯坦福法学院法律科学博士学位(JSD)。在沃顿商学院,熊博士获得了为期两年的 Joseph Wharton/Sheldon K. Tsu 奖学金。在斯坦福大学,她被任命为亚太学者,并获得了两年的全额奖学金。