Mr. Peter C. Su

Co-Founder, Radlo & Su
General Counsel & Chief Intellectual Property Officer, Moley Robotics

Recognized by IAM Strategy 300 Global Leaders as a leading patent strategist, Mr. Peter Su is a co-founder of Radlo & Su, where he counsels technology clients on patent strategy, patent prosecution, patent portfolio development, licensing, monetization, litigation, and corporate transactions of various technologies, including artificial intelligence, semiconductor, wireless, software, robotics, and optics technologies.  His clients have included Apple, Cisco, AMD, Sony, SandCraft, Luxtera, Cerebras Systems, MOFFETT AI, Tokyo Electron, and TSMC.  Mr. Su is also the General Counsel & Chief Intellectual Property Officer of Moley Robotics.  In that capacity, he has led the development of an industry-led robotic patent portfolio for the past nine years.  

As a seasoned Silicon Valley intellectual property and technology lawyer with a global vision, Mr. Su advises multinational and start-up clients in the United States, Asia, and Europe from multiple legal and business dimensions.  He draws from his accumulated rich experiences as a partner in the Palo Alto office of the global firm Dentons U.S. LLP, at the national general practice firm Fenwick & West LLP, and at the intellectual property firm Skjerven Morrill MacPherson LLP.    

Before becoming a patent attorney, Mr. Su was a design engineer, product planning engineer, product engineer, and process engineer at Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD).  He has served as a co-chair of the Syracuse Regional Council in San Francisco for five years.


Radlo & Su联合创始人
Moley Robotics总法律顾问与首席知识产权官

苏宗亮先生被 IAM Strategy 300 Global Leaders 认定为领先的专利策略师。他是 Radlo & Su的联合创始人,专于为技术客户提供各种技术的专利策略、专利申请、专利组合开发、许可、商用化、诉讼和公司交易等等。这些技术包括人工智能、半导体、无线、软件、机器人技术和光学技术。他的客户包括 Apple、Cisco、AMD、Sony、SandCraft、Luxtera、Cerebras Systems、MOFFETT AI、Tokyo Electron 和 TSMC。苏先生还是 Moley Robotics 的总法律顾问兼首席知识产权官,并在过去九年里,领导了一项行业主导的机器人专利组合的开发。

作为一位经验丰富且具备全球视野的硅谷知识产权和技术律师,苏先生为美国、亚洲和欧洲的跨国公司和初创企业客户提供多方面的法律和商业咨询服务。苏先生积累的丰富经验来自其曾经作为全球性律师事务所Dentons U.S. LLP的帕洛阿尔托办事处的合伙人,以及美国综合性律师事务所Fenwick & West LLP和知识产权律师事务所Skjerven Morrill MacPherson LLP 的合伙人。

在成为专利律师之前,苏先生曾在Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD)担任设计工程师、产品规划工程师、产品工程师和工艺工程师。他亦是旧金山锡拉丘兹地区委员会的联合主席,已经担任了该职务5年之久。