Rainy Ruoyu Ren

Ruoyu Ren is a transaction manager for a top-tier law firm in Hong Kong, with a focus on investment funds.  Previously, she has worked as an attorney at Jingtian & Gongcheng in Shanghai, specializing in entertainment law, intellectual property law, and corporate law.

Ms. Ren has authored or co-authored several insightful articles, including (1) Guiding Case No. 82 and 24 Related Subsequent Judgments/Rulings: How to Coherently Apply the Principle of Good Faith in Trademark Infringement (Mar. 2020) and (2) Understanding the Story Behind Guiding Case No. 82: Differences Between the Administrative and Judicial Standards for Determining “Similar Goods” and a Discussion of Related Issues (Mar. 2021).  These two articles were published in China Law Connect, a bilingual, quarterly journal of Stanford Law School’s China Guiding Cases Project.

Ms. Ren received a Bachelor of Laws degree from Nanjing University Law School, a Master of Laws in Corporate and Financial Law degree from the University of Hong Kong, and a Master of Laws degree from the UC Berkeley School of Law.



任律师撰写或合著了多篇有见地的文章,包括(1)《指导案例82号与24个相关后续裁判 :如何于商标侵权领域贯彻适用诚实信用原则》(2020年3月);(2)《探究指导案例82号背后的故事:“类似商品”的行政与司法认定标准之差异与相关问题的讨论》(2021年3月)。这两篇文章均发表于斯坦福法学院中国指导性案例项目的双语季刊《中国法律连接》。