Shanahly Wan

Shanahly Wan, a New York-licensed attorney, specializes in Technology, Media, and Telecommunications (“TMT”) law and has been pursuing a legal career enriched by cross-border expertise.  Currently, she serves as data privacy compliance counsel for a U.S. tech startup at its office in Beijing, adeptly navigating the complex landscape of data privacy and compliance.  Previously, Ms. Wan worked at a European TMT law firm in Estonia, focusing on satellite technologies and cross-border technological projects.

Ms. Wan’s work reflects her deep interest in the convergence of legal systems within the context of globalization.  This interest also motivated her to join the China Guiding Cases Project at Stanford Law School to serve as an editor.  She finds the development of the Guiding Cases system in China fascinating for its harmonious merger of continental and common law principles, providing guidance to both legal practitioners and laypeople.  Ms. Wan holds an LL.B. from Durham University in the United Kingdom and an LL.M. in Civil and Commercial law from Peking University in China.



温律师的工作反映其对全球化背景下法律体系融合的浓厚兴趣。这种兴趣也促使她加入斯坦福法学院的中国指导性案例项目并担任编辑。她认为中国指导性案例制度的发展令人着迷,因为它和谐地融合了大陆法和普通法原则,为法律从业者和非专业人士提供了指导。 温律师拥有英国杜伦大学的法学学士学位,以及中国北京大学民商法法学硕士学位。