A.I. in Dispute Resolution and Legal Services


On November 24, 2023, Dr. Mei Gechlik, Founder & CEO of SINOTALKS®, gave a talk titled “A.I. in Dispute Resolution and Legal Services” during her meeting with a delegation of Chinese lawyers.  Led by Mr. DENG Chuanyuan, Vice President of the Guangzhou Lawyers Association, the delegation was participating in a three-week program titled “Cross Border Considerations for International Sanctions, Compliance, Dispute Resolution, Trade, and Investment”.  The program was organized by the International Law Institute, a Washington D.C.-based organization that provides developing countries and emerging economies with technical assistance to help them address a wide range of legal and economic problems.

At her meeting with the delegation, Dr. Gechlik and the participants, including Robert Sargin, Deputy Director of the International Law Institute, discussed the opportunities and concerns related to the use of artificial intelligence in dispute resolution and legal services in the United States and China.  Dr. Gechlik concluded her talk by sharing her views about some potential early-stage results in these developments.


在与代表团的会面中,熊博士与包括国际法研究所副所长Robert Sargin在内的与会者讨论了中美两国在争议解决和法律服务中使用人工智能的机遇和担忧。熊博士在结束演讲时分享了她对这些发展中一些潜在的早期结果的看法。