JV Between BNP Paribas & Agricultural Bank of China

Image: Mohamed Mahmoud Hassan, Financial Advisor, Publicdomainpictures.net

Multiple sino-foreign wealth management joint ventures have been established in China. How will such joint ventures help foreign financial institutions accelerate their growth in China and improve the quality of wealth management services in the country? In return, how will Chinese banks leverage their foreign partners’ strengths to expand and deepen their presence in the global market?

多家中外合资理财企业已在中国成立。这些合资企业将如何帮助外国金融机构加快在中国的发展,并且提高中国财富管理服务的质量?同时,中资银行将如何利用其外国合作伙伴的优势来扩大和深化其在全球市场的影响力?Read more