China Helps Inspect Audit Records of U.S.-Listed Chinese Companies

Image: Minerva Studio/

Will the current China-assisted inspection allow the U.S. Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (the “PCAOB”) to make a determination by the end of 2022 that is favorable to the U.S.-listed Chinese companies? If yes, will this help de-escalate the tension between China and the United States, to the extent that the two countries will be able to collaborate more to jointly tackle complex global issues?

目前得到中国协助的检查是否能让美国上市公司会计监督委员会(PCAOB)在2022年底前做出有利于在美上市的中国公司的决定? 如果是,这是否有助于缓和中美之间的紧张关系,使两国能够加强合作,共同应对复杂的全球性问题?Read more