Biden and Taiwan

Image: Alix Lee, CKS Memorial Guard Of Honour,

David Whitehouse, Biden’s Lack of Clarity over Taiwan Raises Dangers of China Conflict, DisruptionBanking, November 21, 2022,, reporting:

China “won’t resort to force unless it’s provoked,” says Mei Gechlik, CEO of Sinotalks in Cupertino, California. Many Chinese families are relying on their single child who has now become the main breadwinner for the entire household, giving China a strong reason for avoiding conflicts, she says. The authorities don’t want to send these breadwinners to the front lines and worry about the inadequate supply of food in case of an extended conflict, she argues.
The mainstream view in Taiwan since 1994 has been to “maintain the status quo, decide at a later date,” Gechlik says. So there is “no immediate urgency to act and much more can be achieved by advancing reforms and promoting understanding and collaboration,” she adds.

[…] Gechlik agrees. “What matters most is to avoid provocation,” she says. “If other countries misdiagnose the situation and escalate the conflicts, Beijing will be forced to act.” She sees the fact that Biden and Xi had a constructive meeting in November, the first time they have met in person since Biden took office, as a positive sign.