Bridging Information Gaps Sees Benefits


Image: Gerd Altmann, Digitalization,

SINOTALKS®, a think tank and consultancy that Dr. Mei Gechlik founded in 2021, is featured in this article published by China Daily.  SINOTALKS® focuses on connecting China with the rest of the world through various exchanges to help bridge information gaps.

Based on her three-decade-long career, through which Dr. Gechlik has accumulated insights from her work experiences at Stanford Law School, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and a few other excellent institutions, she finds people-to-people exchanges essential.  She was quoted in the article, stating: “The exchanges between U.S. judges and Chinese judges are particularly important because judges command so much respect that their joint efforts can inspire the organization of more collaborative activities going beyond the two countries’ court systems.”

We hope to see more fruitful U.S.-China exchanges moving forward!

《中国日报》发表的这篇文章对熊美英博士于 2021 年创立的智库和咨询公司丝络谈™进行了专题介绍。丝络谈™致力于通过各种交流将中国与世界其他地区联系起来,帮助弥合信息差距。