China’s NEW Futures and Derivatives Law Provides Legal Certainty

Image: Pavel Ignatov/

China’s new Futures and Derivatives Law recognizes close-out netting, offering much-needed legal certainty to foreign parties who trade with counterparties in China. Given the current price volatility around the world, to what extent can this new law provide foreign investors with an effective tool to help them manage risks? What additional changes should be considered to strengthen the regulation of futures and derivatives in China so as to further promote investors’ confidence?

中国新的《期货和衍生品法》承认终止净额结算,为与中国方进行交易的外方提供了急需的法律确定性。鉴于当前世界各地的价格波动,《期货和衍生品法》能在多大程度上为外国投资者提供有效的工具来帮助他们管理风险?还应该考虑哪些改变来加强中国对期货和衍生品的监管,从而进一步提振投资者的信心?Read more