Shanghai Puts Artificial Intelligence on the Fast Track



Digest | 文摘

The Regulation of Shanghai Municipality on Promoting the Development of Artificial Intelligence Industries (effective October 1, 2022) is China’s first provincial-level regulation on the promotion of artificial intelligence industries.  It regulates a wide range of activities related to artificial intelligence, including “technological innovation, industrial development, application empowerment, and industrial governance”, with both the terms “artificial intelligence” and “artificial intelligence industries” being broadly defined (see Table). 

This broad coverage, together with all of the incentive measures stated in the Regulation, will likely attract more foreign capital and talent to Shanghai.  What measures will be taken by other places to compete with Shanghai?

《上海市促进人工智能产业发展条例》(自2022年10月1日起施行)是中国首部人工智能产业促进方面的省级地方性法规。它规范了包括“人工智能科技创新、产业发展、应用赋能与产业治理” 等活动,并对“人工智能”和“人工智能产业”两词作出宽广的定义(见)。