China’s Attempt to End Chaos Associated with Internet Pop-Up Windows


China has a new set of rules to regulate the Internet pop-up information push services. Are there similar rules in other countries? Do the new rules have limitations that may make enforcement challenging?

中国有一套新规则对互联网弹窗信息推送服务作出规范。其他国家有类似的规则吗?新规则是否有一些限制,会给执法带来挑战?Read more

Shanghai Puts Artificial Intelligence on the Fast Track


The Regulation of Shanghai Municipality on Promoting the Development of Artificial Intelligence Industries regulates a wide range of activities related to artificial intelligence. This broad coverage and the incentive measures will likely attract more foreign capital and talent to Shanghai.

《上海市促进人工智能产业发展条例》规范了很多与人工智能相关的活动。这种广泛的覆盖面和所有激励措施,可能会吸引更多的外国资本和人才到上海。Read more

China Speeds Up the Realization of the Metaverse

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A wave of Metaverse heat has been spreading across China. Governments in many cities in China have rolled out their action plans to push the development of the Metaverse. What actions have technological companies in China taken to seize these opportunities? How can foreign parties ride this Metaverse heat wave to optimize their gains in China?

一波元宇宙热浪正在中国蔓延开来。中国很多城市的政府都推出了推动元宇宙发展的行动计划。中国的科技公司采取了哪些行动来抓住这些机遇?外方可以如何乘着这热浪增加其在中国的收益?Read more

Two “Administrative Rulings” for Patent Infringement Disputes

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The China National Intellectual Property Administration rendered its first two “administrative rulings” to resolve two “patent infringement disputes that have significant impact across the country”. From a patentee’s point of view, what are the pros and cons of using this avenue, instead of litigation, to protect one’s patent?

中国国家知识产权局作出其首批两个“行政裁决”,以解决两起“在全国有重大影响的专利侵权纠纷”。从专利权人的角度来看,使用这种途径而不是诉讼来保护专利有哪些利弊?Read more