China Speeds Up the Realization of the Metaverse



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A wave of Metaverse heat has been spreading across China since an article titled How the Metaverse Rewrites Human Life was published on the website of the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the National Supervisory Commission of the People’s Republic of China in December 2021.  The article has this eye-catching heading: “Rationally Look at the New Round of Technological Revolution Brought about by the Metaverse and the Impact on Society; Neither Underestimate the Opportunities in 5-10 Years nor Overestimate the Evolutionary Changes in 1-2 Years”. 

Apparently inspired by the article, governments in many cities in China, including Beijing and Shanghai, have rolled out their action plans to push the development of the Metaverse.   For example, Shanghai sets the goal to increase the scale of its Metaverse-related industries to RMB 350 billion by 2025, while helping develop at least ten “innovative, leading enterprises” with global competitiveness and establishing more than 100 enterprises that can master core technologies in this sector.

Local governments with Metaverse plans have expressed their wishes to see these plans lead to significant economic growth.  What actions have technological companies in China taken to seize these opportunities?  How can foreign parties ride this Metaverse heat wave to optimize their gains in China?




This piece was contributed by Peining Wang and edited by SINOTALKS.COM.

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