Transferring Data from China Could Become Costly & Difficult

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How will the security assessment process stated in the Measures for the Security Assessment of Outbound Data Transfers impact the operations of foreign companies in China? Are there any practical insights that can be shared to enable data processors to go through the process fairly smoothly?

《数据出境安全评估办法》规定的安全评估过程将如何影响外国公司在中国的运营?是否有任何实用的见解可以分享,以使数据处理者能够相当顺利地完成整个过程?Read more

Didi Fined Over 8 Billion Yuan. Now What?

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Didi is fined over 8 billion yuan for violating various laws in China, including the Personal Information Protection Law. Is the fine reasonable? Will this amount become a standard penalty and/or will it be referenced in similar cases or for similar companies? Also, Didi is reportedly considering soliciting a state-owned enterprise to become a shareholder in order to reduce regulatory risks. What implications does this have for other companies?

滴滴因违反包括《个人信息保护法》在内的中国法律而被罚款超过 80 亿元。罚金数额是否合理?将来,该金额是否会成为标准罚款和/或是否会在类似案件或类似公司中作为参考?此外,根据报道,滴滴公司考虑会引入国企股东,以降低监管风险。这对其他公司带来什么启示?Read more