CNOOC, Carbon Neutrality Goals, & Record-High Oil Production

Image: Mohamed Mahmoud Hassan, Oil Rig Engineer,

CNOOC attributed its excellent operating results for the first three quarters of 2022 to higher international oil prices and increased sales volume. In light of these impressive results and the company’s record-high oil production, is CNOOC still on track to accomplish its own carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals?

中海油将其2022年前三季度优异的业绩表现归因于国际油价上涨和销量的增加。鉴于这些亮眼的业绩表现和该公司创纪录的石油产量,中海油是否仍有望实现其碳达峰和碳中和目标?Read more

China’s New Measure for New Energy Automobiles

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China just announced that new energy automobiles purchased in 2023 will be exempt from automobile purchase tax. Have new energy automobiles been proven to be a truly effective means for a country to reduce its carbon emissions?

中国刚宣布在2023年购置的新能源汽车将免征车辆购置税。新能源汽车是否已被证明为能让一个国家减少碳排放的真正有效的方法?Read more

15 Typical Cases Related to Environment and Climate Change

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China released 15 Typical Cases collectively identified as the Typical Cases of Environmental Resource Adjudication of People’s Courts in 2021. You’re welcome to share/read insights that are not apparent from the simple reading of these Typical Cases.

中国发布了《2021年度人民法院环境资源审判典型案例》,共计15个。欢迎分享/阅读从这些典型案例的简单阅读中看不到的见解。Read more