15 Typical Cases Related to Environment and Climate Change


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On June 5, 2022, the Supreme People’s Court of China released 15 Typical Cases collectively identified as the Typical Cases of Environmental Resource Adjudication of People’s Courts in 2021.  They are of different types, including criminal, civil, administrative, public interest litigation, litigation seeking compensation for ecological and environmental harm, and enforcement of ecological environment restoration.  In addition, these cases cover a wide range of areas, including prevention of environmental pollution, ecological protection, development and utilization of resources, and responses to climate change.

Like other Typical Cases released by the Supreme People’s Court, each of these 15 Typical Cases has a summary of facts and results (of the adjudication or enforcement involved) as well as a section titled “Typical Significance”.  Your comments/questions are welcome to help all readers understand interesting developments, especially those with practical significance, that are not apparent from the simple reading of these Typical Cases.



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