China is One Step Closer to the Digital Economy Partnership Agreement

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The Digital Economy Partnership Agreement (the “DEPA”) Joint Committee formally established a group to examine China’s application to join the agreement. How will the prospects of joining the DEPA further accelerate the development of China’s cross-border e-commerce in Asia, Latin America, and Oceania? Will China’s effort to join the DEPA help bring Chinese law in line with the international standards stated in the agreement?

《数字经济伙伴关系协定》(DEPA)联合委员会正式成立工作组,查考中国加入该协定的申请。加入DEPA的前景将如何进一步加速中国跨境电子商务在亚洲、拉丁美洲和大洋洲的发展?中国为了加入 DEPA而作出的努力是否会有助于中国法律与该协定所规定的国际标准接轨?Read more

China’s First Import of Fresh Avocadoes from Africa

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The first batch of fresh avocados shipped to China from Kenya, Africa’s largest avocado exporter, just reached Shanghai. The shipment has arrived amid the growing trade between China and Africa. What aspects of China–Africa relations, apart from trade relations, are expected to show significant progress in the near future? Are there any challenges China and/or Africa will need to face as they turn towards expanding cooperation?

从非洲最大的牛油果出口国肯尼亚运往中国的第一批新鲜牛油果刚刚抵达上海。这批货物运抵之际,正值中非贸易日益增长之时。除了贸易关系外,中非关系的哪些方面也有望在不久的将来取得重大进展?中国和/或非洲在扩大合作时是否需要面对一些挑战?Read more

China–Europe Freight Trains Are Being Upgraded

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China–Europe freight trains travel along more than 80 routes to connect nearly 200 cities in 24 European countries. In light of the win-win results for China and the countries along the routes, China has vowed to upgrade the service of these trains by establishing “international cooperation networks” and strengthening its support for cross-border e-commerce. What specific measures have been taken or agreed upon?

中欧班列已开通80多条线路,连接欧洲24个国家近200个城市。鉴于中国与沿线国家的双赢结果,中国明确表示会通过建立“国际合作网络”和加强对跨境电子商务的支持来提升这些列车服务的发展。这些国家已采取或商定了哪些具体措施?Read more

Construction of the China–Kyrgyzstan–Uzbekistan Railway Begins

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The construction of the China–Kyrgyzstan–Uzbekistan Railway formally begins. Will it offer Kyrgyzstan and its neighboring countries unprecedented opportunities to become a hub of economic activities?

中吉乌铁路的建设正式展开。它会为吉尔吉斯斯坦及其周边国家成为经济活动中心提供前所未有的机会吗?Read more