Dubbed “A Passage of Life”, China–Europe Freight Trains Are Being Upgraded to Drive Continued Success


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ChinaEurope freight trains, which began running in 2011, travel along more than 80 routes to connect nearly 200 cities in 24 European countries.  Dubbed “a passage of life”, these trains continued to run throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  When sea and air transportation were severely disrupted, they helped ensure the steady delivery of more than 50,000 types of goods.

In light of the win-win results for China and the countries along the routes, China has vowed to upgrade the service of these trains by establishing “international cooperation networks” and strengthening its support for cross-border e-commerce.  What specific measures have been taken or agreed upon by China and/or the countries along these routes? 

自2011年开始运行后,中欧班列已开通80多条线路,连接欧洲24个国家近200个城市。被美名为“生命通道”的中欧班列在新冠病毒疫情期间继续运行。当海运和空运严重中断时,这些列车帮助确保了 50,000 多种货物的稳定运送。


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