China Flexes Its Financial Muscle

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China has signed memoranda of cooperation with Laos, Kazakhstan, and Pakistan to establish RMB clearing arrangements for handling cross-border transactions between China and these countries. Are other countries likely to follow suit and establish RMB clearing arrangements to strengthen their economic relations with China?
中国与老挝、哈萨克斯坦、巴基斯坦等国签署合作备忘录,为处理中国与这些国家的跨境交易建立人民币清算安排。其他国家是否会仿效建立人民币清算安排,以加强与中国的经济关系?Read more

Cross-Border Use of Digital Yuan Contributes to Financial Inclusion

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Following the successful implementation of mBridge, what are the next steps for this pilot project’s development? What useful experiences (e.g., in testing the domestic use of its digital currency, providing related mobile payment services, and setting legal standards) can China share with other countries?

在试行成功之后,货币桥下一步的发展是什么?中国可以与其他国家分享哪些有用的经验(例如,在测试其数字货币的国内使用、提供相关的移动支付服务、制定法律标准等方面)?Read more

JV Between BNP Paribas & Agricultural Bank of China

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Multiple sino-foreign wealth management joint ventures have been established in China. How will such joint ventures help foreign financial institutions accelerate their growth in China and improve the quality of wealth management services in the country? In return, how will Chinese banks leverage their foreign partners’ strengths to expand and deepen their presence in the global market?

多家中外合资理财企业已在中国成立。这些合资企业将如何帮助外国金融机构加快在中国的发展,并且提高中国财富管理服务的质量?同时,中资银行将如何利用其外国合作伙伴的优势来扩大和深化其在全球市场的影响力?Read more

China Helps Inspect Audit Records of U.S.-Listed Chinese Companies

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Will the current China-assisted inspection allow the U.S. Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (the “PCAOB”) to make a determination by the end of 2022 that is favorable to the U.S.-listed Chinese companies? If yes, will this help de-escalate the tension between China and the United States, to the extent that the two countries will be able to collaborate more to jointly tackle complex global issues?

目前得到中国协助的检查是否能让美国上市公司会计监督委员会(PCAOB)在2022年底前做出有利于在美上市的中国公司的决定? 如果是,这是否有助于缓和中美之间的紧张关系,使两国能够加强合作,共同应对复杂的全球性问题?Read more

China’s NEW Futures and Derivatives Law Provides Legal Certainty

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China’s new Futures and Derivatives Law recognizes close-out netting, offering much-needed legal certainty to foreign parties who trade with counterparties in China. Given the current price volatility around the world, to what extent can this new law provide foreign investors with an effective tool to help them manage risks? What additional changes should be considered to strengthen the regulation of futures and derivatives in China so as to further promote investors’ confidence?

中国新的《期货和衍生品法》承认终止净额结算,为与中国方进行交易的外方提供了急需的法律确定性。鉴于当前世界各地的价格波动,《期货和衍生品法》能在多大程度上为外国投资者提供有效的工具来帮助他们管理风险?还应该考虑哪些改变来加强中国对期货和衍生品的监管,从而进一步提振投资者的信心?Read more

Australia’s FIRST Islamic Bank & Implications for China

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Now, Australia has its very first licensed Islamic bank. What can we learn from Islamic finance? Is Islamic finance a trend happening around the world?

澳大利亚刚拥有其首家获得许可的伊斯兰银行。我们可以从伊斯兰金融中学到什么?伊斯兰金融是世界各地正在发生的趋势吗?Read more